Fine Air Porous Stone Diffuser

Fine Air Porous Stone Diffuser
The fine air bubble porous stone diffuser's mixing function provides tremendous surface contact of the liquid being aerated by releasing a 6" length of fine air bubble per unit. Air is sheared as it discharges from the air orifice of the diffuser body. The air diffuser body is a 6" long, 2000 degrees F Heat Bonded Silica with medium pores to create a fine air bubbles.

With an air resistance of less than 0.25 PSI, these fine air bubble diffusers are compatible with economical low-pressure blowers. They produce a uniform medium/fine bubble and are very resistant to clogging.

Designed for air flows of 0.5 CFM.

Fine Air Diffuser Medium Pore, 6" Length, ½" NPT
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