Sutorbilt AEON PD Grease - 1 Tube 14.0 oz

Sutorbilt AEON PD Grease - 1 Tube 14.0 oz
AEON PD Part No. 28H282

AEON Bearing Grease: One (1) - 14.0 ounce Cartridge

  • AEON Grease is an extreme pressure, high temperature and performance grease providing optimum bearing performance and lubrication for use in positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps
  • Engineered for the Gardner Denver Legend Series and CycloBlower truck blowers

  • Usage and Performance
  • Designed for severe operating conditions in a wide range of global applications
  • Correct lubrication is critically important in maintaining long bearing life
  • Avoid the risk of early bearing failure due to incompatible greases by using factory-specified AEON Grease
  • To maintain the performance characteristics of AEON Grease, completely clean previously used greases from the blower as different types of grease may not be compatible
  • For specific usage instructions, refer to the blower Operating and Maintenance Manual

  • Parameters and Features
  • AEON Grease is formulated with anti-wear additives to maximize equipment life
  • Contains rust inhibitors which provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion
  • Provides superior protection in a wide operating temperature range of -40º F to 350º F

    NLGI Grade 2
    Soap Type Lithium Complex
    Mineral Oil Viscosity
    cSt at 40° C 150
    cSt at 100° C 13
    SUS at 100° F 750
    SUS at 210° F 70
    ISO Viscosity Grade 150
    Penetration at 23° C, worked 280
    Dropping point, ASTM D 2265, ° F 475

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