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Sanuril Model 200

Sanuril Model 200
The Sanuril Model 200 Tablet Feeder is a complete, one-piece system for highly reliable disinfection of effluent in properly operating treatment plants having a design capacity of 1,500 GPD or less. The tablet feeder is used in conjunction with SANURIL tablets, a disinfecting agent that provides a chemically stable source of chlorine for wastewater disinfection.

The Sanuril Model 200 Tablet feeder is suitable for assembly into new treatment systems. Also, it can be installed into existing treatment facilities where wastewater chlorination is being added or to replace troublesome, unreliable or complicated chlorination systems.


The tablet feeder is made of tough, corrosion resistant rotomolded polyethylene. Compact and easy to handle, the tablet feeder measures 21 inches long, 8 inches wide and 10 inches deep. The feed tubes are 24 inches long with an outside diameter of 3 1/2 inches. Each tube holds 29 SANURIL tablets which measure 2-5/8 inches in diameter and are 13/16 inch thick. Inlet and outlet size is 4 inches in diameter.

Superior Performance at a Lower Cost

Better Performance - The entire plant flow passes through the chlorinator, where a thorough mixing of wastewater with a controlled amount of chlorine takes place. This means more effective bactericidal action and less bacteria regrowth.

Low Initial Cost - In addition to low investment in the Chlorinator, savings are compounded because no pumps, mixing tanks or costly control devices are required as with most other chlorination systems.

Simple, Low-Cost Installation - One-piece chlorinator construction requires only inlet piping. No electrical power, wiring, bypasses or other piping is required.

Lower Operating Costs - Chlorinator operates up to 60 days on a single charge of chlorine tablets. No time-consuming premixing of chemicals or costly cylinder handling. Recharging SANURIL 115 tablets is quick and easy. No costs for electrical power or auxiliary power.

Maintenance-Free Operation - No tanks, pumps, cylinders, external control devices or other moving parts to break down. The system is non-mechanical and rust and corrosion proof.
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