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Sanuril 115 Chlorination Tablets 25# Pail

Sanuril 115 Chlorination Tablets 25# Pail

Tablet Specifications

Active Ingredient: Calcium Hypochlorite 69.30%, 1-bromo-3-chloro-5,5-dimethylhydantoin 0.94%
Inert Ingredients: 29.76%
Size: 2 5/8” diameter x 13/16” thick
Color: White Solid Tablet
Density: 1.0 grams/cc, approximately

Sanuril 115 Tablets combine two active ingredients to provide superior wastewater disinfection with less chemical.

SANURIL 115 TABLETS are disinfecting tablets that provide a chemically stable source of chlorine and bromine for disinfecting the wastewater. When the tablets come into contact with the water stream, chlorine and bromine are released into the effluent stream at a controlled dissolved rate. There are no toxic gases to handle or additional equipment to maintain.

Extensive field testing under actual conditions has proven SANURIL 115 superior to other commonly used disinfectants:

• Unsurpassed bacteria killing power
• Broader organism kill
• Convenient and easy

Convenient 25 pound pail contains approximately 81 tablets.

Note: Due to safety and packaging concerns, this product is non-returnable. All sales for this product are final.

This product can only be shipped domestically within the Continental United States excluding California.

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