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Aquaward Chlorination Tablets 45# Pail

Aquaward Chlorination Tablets 45# Pail

Tablet Specifications

Active Ingredient: Chlorine Content, min. 70%
Size: 2 5/8” diameter x 13/16” thick
Color: White Solid Tablet

AQUAWARD safely and simply answers the need for the disinfection of drinking water. AQUAWARD is dispensed into a water stream from a specially designed, low cost tablet feeder. The feeder works on its own without power and needs only an absolute minimal amount of operator attention.

AQUAWARD and the companion tablet feeder system are uniquely applicable for remote installations. There are no pumps to jam or freeze, no injectors to plug or foul during operation, and no lengthy operator training.

AQUAWARD was developed to answer the need for a drinking water system utilizing the same simplistic approach and operation as the SANURIL® System. AQUAWARD maintains a tightly controlled dissolve rate without breaking, wicking, and leaching.

AQUAWARD is registered for use in drinking water applications.

AQUAWARD Advantages:

• Large Tablet Form. More stable. Less hazardous than granular. Easy to handle.
• Controlled Dissolve Rate.
• High Purity. Low Solids.
• Long Shelf Life.
• High Chlorine Content - 70% minimum. Less chemical for the same job.
• Convenient and easy.

Convenient 45 pound pail contains approximately 145 tablets.

Note: Due to safety and packaging concerns, this product is non-returnable. All sales for this product are final.

This product can only be shipped domestically within the Continental United States excluding California.

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